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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Speaking of Visuals

Wild! Over the last few days, I had the chance to be interviewed TWICE for comics podcasts. It was alot of fun doing them, and both should be released or aired this week. For those of you who haven't heard my voice before, you're either in for a treat.... or not. Haha. Just expect to hear my laugh a few times.

The first podcast was recorded on Friday for CATCH DA CRAZE ( and both Brant Fowler and myself were interviewed by Samuel Vera about our project WANNABEZ! Brant was interviewed in the first half-hour, and I was on for the second half-hour. CDC expects to have this up online, downloadable too!, sometime mid-week. This will possibly be episode #110. In preparation for the broadcast, Brant and I have put abit of speed behind getting our Wannabez website up and going:

The second one was recorded this afternoon (Sunday) for THE WEBCOMIC BEACON ( with a bunch of fine folks who love to work on stories about the open source character Jenny Everywhere, originally created by Steven Wintle, who actually became a surprise guest. Other guests included Nelson Evergreen and Benj Christensen. The show was hosted by Fes, who runs the website, which gathers up and talks about the many appearances both prior and current of Jenny Everywhere throughout the worldwide web and sometimes print. Aaron Lewis co-hosted and it was a good time. The show should be released/aired this upcoming Friday. It will be show #20 for the site! I talked abit about working on "Soulless Mate" with Alex Hernandez, doing the photo-comic "Zuperiority Complex", and planning an upcoming strip called "Lil Jenny Everywhere".

I'll post direct links to both audios when the shows "go live"!

Thanks go out to Samuel and Fes for having me and the others on your shows! 


Wednesday, April 9, 2008

WANNABEZ #0 available in print!

Mysterious Visions Anthology #5 (featuring Wannabez #0!!)  is now in print and is reportedly a good seller so far for Dimestore Productions! I love holding this book in my hands. I had a chance to meet Ian Shires this weekend up at Dayton's Gem City Comic Con, and we talked about future plans about a possible crossover with another comic! 

In the meantime, creator/writer/letterer Brant W. Fowler and myself (penciller/inker) have been aggressively promoting the comic through e-mails, Project Wonderful ads, websites, and approaching comic news sites with review copies. Brant and I have also made plans for the Ohio Comic Con in October, where we will have a table. And just last week, we were the official sponsor for the Comic Addiction podcast (episode 39), and mentioned on-air!

Go to or visit to see a preview of the book and a link to the webpage where the book can be purchased through Dimestore!

Click here for the Comic Addiction podcast sponsored by us. Listen for WANNABEZ being advertised from the 2 minute mark to the 4 minute mark. Then enjoy the interview with their guest Matt Fraction. 

Even more exciting news and events for Wannabez are coming up!!! Stay tuned!