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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Grandma's 90th Birthday

As part of my grandmother's birthday celebration today (she turned 90 this year), I drew up some characters she has been wanting me to draw again. Every time I have visited her since she moved back to Cincinnati, she has mentioned how much she used to love my old comic strip.

When I was 11, I started a comic strip called "ANDREW" at the local newspaper (The Bethel Journal) and continued to do it almost weekly for seven years, until I graduated from high school. I stopped the strip because I never got paid for it, and I just decided to move on with something different when I went to college.

Andrew was pretty much an analogue of me so the character was an artist, went to school, yearned for a car when his bike started falling apart, did chores on a farm, and went on dates that didn't always go well. His girlfriend, Linda, was a cute redhead who loved baseball. Anyways, I plan on doing something with them again, and it was nice to draw them up again as a surprise for my grandma.


Saturday, January 24, 2009

Toy Related

My latest article for my column TOY RELATED went up this week. It is the fifth installment since beginning the column last month. The first story was an introduction to the column, the second was a review (Aquaman), the third was a convention report, the fourth a preview of upcoming product, and this one was part of a look at the niche of customizing figures. Among the articles up next is an interview.... which be one of many I hope to do.

Special thanks to Chuck Moore, for having me onboard at the ComicRelated website and welcoming me into the family there.

A new area has been recently created by Chuck and the programmers that allow readers to access the column pages directly, rather than search the site for each specific entry. The Comic Related site overall has grown by leaps and bounds this past year, and just exploded with content and contributors within the last few months. It is very exciting!

Click here for my Toy Related column section

Click here for my forum for discussing Toy Related


Sunday, January 18, 2009

Face Front!

I recently updated the front page of my website. So please check it out. You may need to hit refresh on your browser if you still see some old October 2008 news and shows.

I added a front page panel and link for both HACKOWEEN and DEADLY CINEMA. I also added links and show information for the conventions and events that I am planning on attending this year. I am in various stages of being confirmed for these, but unless something drastic happens, I plan to be showing up at each one with a table, where I will be signing, selling books and posters, and doing sketches.

I also have one other show that I heavily considering to replace the sold-out MegaCon event, so if it comes to pass, the new show will be posted on the front page as well. Right now, I have kept the list to local shows I know I am attending.


Saturday, January 17, 2009

Logynsita's Salsa

It was nice hearing from a friend and client that I hadn't heard from in awhile. Linda Sanchez. Last year and the year before, I helped with creating her label, business cards, and basically the visual branding for her own salsa product, "Logynsita's Salsa".

Let me tell you that this is indeed the BEST salsa I have ever had. It is tasty and rich without overloading your senses or making your mouth feel hot. No aftertaste... just great taste. It's a product that I am proud to be associated with, and it is so nice to hear that she is doing well with it so far. Shannon and I devour a jar of Logynsita's Salsa within a couple of days, if not the same night. Great stuff. It can be ordered by contacting Linda at logynsitasalsa(at)


Wannabez 2009

All has not been quiet on the WANNABEZ front. Brant and I e-mail on a regular basis, and also talk on the phone when we can. What is awesome as well, is how many times he and I have met up last year alone. I believe I saw him five times, and two of those times were while on trips to comic-cons together (Wizard World Chicago and Mid-Ohio Con). This month, we are planning on meeting up again in person on the 31st at Comics2Games.

As I understand it, Ross may have started greyscales on the parts of issue #1 that I have done. I am planning to have Wannabez #1 back on my slate in February (after Deadly Cinema) to finish it up. Brant did a great job writing up issue #2, and now there are a total of four scripts (with revisions possible) in the can already, taking us from #0 to #4.

So what's coming in 2009 for Wannabez? What we do know is that we would love to have at least 3 issues out this year, if not 4. I will also be doing a news series of pin-ups and posters, which will be available for sale, and on display at shows. Which shows? Well, MegaCon sold out, so it looks like the first con may be Gem City Con in Dayton. Then there is Free Comic Book Day, and that will also be something Brant and I will discuss.

Issue #0 of Wannabez is still available! You can order from us directly ( e-mail ), or if you are a retailer, you can call up Haven Distributors at 1-877-HAVEN-50 or visit them at !


Sunday, January 11, 2009

January update

Exciting things have been happening this month and year already, with some new projects for later in the year revving up already in either talks or early sketches, and some projects I have been working on winding to a close or moving on to the next chapters. I am working on finishing up DEADLY CINEMA PART ONE, and getting ready to start up with THE JENNY EVERYWHERE CHRONICLES sometime in February (and sketches for Benj's site are on the way!). I have a couple of other things going on, one small short story, a submission for a educational comic project, and a fun column I do at COMIC RELATED.... all of which I will talk about here soon, as I further recreate the news page, and get everything lined up and completed.

WANNABEZ #1 (our second issue, since #0 has been released already) is going to be next on my slate after Deadly Cinema, and we are not too far away on getting WBZ #1 finished up for a possible March release. Originally, our plan was to have it in hand for sale at MEGACON (Orlando Florida's winter comic convention), but the artist alley tables sold out before we got our registration in. Still, we are gearing up for some other shows, as we plan the year out in full. Brant and I are planning to meet up on the 24th of this month to discuss things further. In related news, I was also intending to launch my comics website around MegaCon as well, and I am still aiming to do so at the same time period... I will just have to do it without the convention as my main means of marketing.

This weekend (on Friday) I met up with the awesome people from OSWCC (The Ohio Star Wars Collectors Club). I am not sure right now what all I can talk about at this time, so I will keep it on the downlow for now, but suffice it to say, that I was in on a meeting and I will be doing something art-related for the Summer Social in Columbus. VERY exciting. I also dropped off my completed COLORED Admiral Ackbar commission image for OSWCC President (and good guy!) Mark Schnack. You can see it above this post.


Wednesday, January 7, 2009

New Year, New News

Thanks to Brant Fowler (my good friend and writer/letterer of Wannabez), my news page and my blog are one and the same. Brant made the blog look like my news page which I had set up a few months back, and now I have linked it all up with my website. Looks terrific and of course it's much easier to update!

Thanks, Brant!

Happy New Year, everyone!