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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Ringtail Cafe sketch cards and Wannabez Chibis

Some art that relates to good friends. Above, is a look at some art on sketch cards that I did for Darren Mueller, writer of Ringtail Cafe. These feature Leila and Patrick from the Ringtail Cafe comic book.

And below, are inks that I did over blue line pencils by Jackie Hernandez, artist for Ringtail Cafe. She did these for me and Brant and asked me to ink them. These feature characters from the Wannabez comic book.


Saturday, June 13, 2009

OSWCC Badge Art peek

As the OSWCC Star Wars Social gets closer (July 11th in Caledonia Ohio), Matt posted an image I did of the TIE Fighter Pilot (for badges). There will be about 12 images for the complete badge set. The image he posted was of really early pencils, so I wanted to show club members the later pencils next, so I am posting it here as well.


"What Wannabez Character Are You?" Quiz

Take the "What Wannabez Character Are You?" Quiz on Facebook!

Find out which Wannabez comic book character you are most like!
I created the quiz today at Facebook, and hope you give it a shot and have some fun.
I'd love to hear who gets who as a result.

"What WANNABEZ comic character are you?
Wannabez is a comic book series by Brant W. Fowler and Scott D.M. Simmons, and this quiz will tell you which colorful character you are! Sure, they are all abit delusional, believing they received super-powers from a local meteor shower, but hey, you can still relate, right? Are you the "dog-powered" Doberman? Or the "cat-powered" Mau? The "blazing" Streak? The "mastermind" IQ? The "telekinetic" Esmerelda? The "firestarter" Ignition? The "stretching" Slim?"


Monday, June 1, 2009

Free Comic Book Day pictures!

Some photo coverage from the FREE COMIC BOOK DAY event that took place at Bob Hickey's wonderful store, Comics2Games, down in Florence Kentucky in early May (day after WOLVERINE opened in theatres). Some pictures are here on the blog, and others in photo-articles I submitted to Comic Related.

The articles I am pointing to feature photography by me, or by Eric Adams (creator of Lackluster World), who took shots when you see me on camera. It was great seeing alot of friends again, including getting to talk with Scott and Benita Story more, and meeting Lora Innes (creator of The Dreamer) for the first time. And really special to me was the very first visit to a comic event I was doing by my parents, and my good friend Jim. My wife Shannon, who came with me to Mid-Ohio last year, also stopped by to surprise me.

MORE photos can be seen at: