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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Free Comic Book Day is coming

Among the great news I got this week, is official confirmation about my appearance at Comics2Games in Florence Kentucky on FREE COMIC BOOK DAY (Saturday May 2nd--the day after X-Men Origins Wolverine premieres). You can find out more information about all the guests, the store's location, and the signing times at:

Besides myself, guests at Comics2Games that day include Lora Innes (The Dreamer), Eric Adams (Lackluster World), Scott and Benita Story (Johnny Saturn), Bill Nichols and John Wilson (SKETCH), Chuck Moore (Comic Related), Brant Fowler (Wannabez), Darren and Krista Mueller and Jackie Hernandez (Ringtail Cafe), and Mike Maydak (Blackbeard Legacy).

I am excited to see alot of friends at the event, and I am stoked to have the opportunity to meet Lora Innes for the first time. If you have not yet read THE DREAMER, you are missing out on some gorgeous artwork and a story set in a time period not usually covered by comics. Her cover for the graphic novel is beautiful and fun.


Photos from Comics For Cures Event

Comic Related recently posted a series of photos I took at the Comics For Cures Event that took place earlier this month at Comics2Games. Lots of fun and good friends, old and new... mingling and bidding for a great cause. Click the link below to check them out!


Monday, April 20, 2009

Jenny Everywhere continues

The latest Jenny Everywhere Chronicles page has gone up, a few days ago perhaps.
Here's a peek at the art.


OSWCC artwork on website

Dustin put my artwork for the patch up online as the header banner for the OSWCC website... along with providing the important date and city information.

And remember, photos from the April South Region meeting can still be seen at


Thursday, April 16, 2009

Video interview from Gem City

Video interviews at Gem City Comic Con by UVN have gone online!

Brant Fowler and myself talk about WANNABEZ! (first interview in the video)
And my friend Mark LeMieux is in the same episode. (third interview in the video)
Also, Molly Durst and Sean Forney.

Click here to watch the video:


Sunday, April 12, 2009

OSWCC April Meeting and Patch

I was so excited to see the patch for the OSWCC membership kit. I did up the original artwork in pencils/inks and computer color, and it was very cool to see it in a patch form. Here is a look at the art in stages. First, there was the complete drawing of the troopers, then the simplified version with color so the patch could be done.

This weekend, I headed over to Matt's house, where he was hosting a meeting of the club. I ended up doing several sketch cards while I was there, by request, and had a wonderful time. I drew Yoda, three Leias, Darth Maul (for the first time), Han, and a Stormtrooper. Matt posted images of the meeting and my cards at Flicker, which can be seen by clicking HERE


Gem City Report Part 2

Besides the great sales at Dayton's Gem City Comic-Con, there were great friends new and old there. Mark and Jonna LeMieux were there, as were Chuck Moore, Bill and Raichal Gladman, Darren Mueller, Jackie Hernandez, Sean Collins, Bob Hickey, Kevin Hicks, John Wilson, Eric Adams, Ian Shires, and of course, my partner-in-crime on Wannabez, Mr. Brant Fowler. I also got to meet Jon Hodges, Don Kramer, and got to see one of my favorite artists who was just taking in the show as a regular attendee: Chris Sprouse (Tom Strong) and his wife Xan. OSWCC members and friends Mark, Matt, and Deanna stopped by to visit too!

There were a few possibilities around for me to get some more work, and I already started the ball rolling with a project I am really excited about if it comes to fruition. I sold an original page of art at the show, and some prints did really well too. I also donated a piece of art to the auction to benefit an animals charity, which I hope helped out as they ended up, I hear, raising about $600. And Underground Video Network interviewed me again, this time, with Brant.

Several of us in the "Comic Related" family headed out and over to Golden Corral after the show. It was a fun time.

More images of the Gem City convention from my camera can be seen here at the WANNABEZ blog!:


Thursday, April 9, 2009

Gem City Report part 1

The Gem City Comic-Con was a great success for me, and overall a fun event. Brant and I sold copies of WANNABEZ #0 and the new digest-sized WANNABEZ #1 PREVIEW CONVENTION SKETCH EDITION. The preview sold well, as I was also doing sketches of any Wannabez character requested on the back cover for anyone who bought it. The characters requested the most were Dober-Man and Mau, and Dobie only beat out Mau by 1; however, I also did a sketch card of Mau on request (for Chuck Moore of Comic Related), so basically they tied. The only other requested character surprisingly was Whipped Potatoes, who was a character idea suggestion by a fan at Dimestore around the time we did Small Press Idol. Also, good sellers were prints of Admiral Ackbar, and sketch cards... where I drew a couple of characters for the first time, including Conan.

More to report later!


Thursday, April 2, 2009

Comics For Cures update

The Comics For Cures auction for sketch cards continues this week and runs until Saturday evening. Proceeds go to the American Cancer Society, and the auction and event is hosted by Comics2Games, a comics store in Florence Kentucky.

There is still time to get your bids in. While some cards are going for only $1 so far, some others are up to $60 already. As for my cards, Soundwave (of the Transformers) currently at the time of this writing sits at around $8, and Big Barda is around $5.50.... and Wolverine and Rogue have remained at $1 so far, and Mau has gotten no bids just yet. Jeremy put a little correction comment below the two that had my name wrong, but again, please don't let that keep you from bidding! Whether you get mine or someone else's card(s), the money raised still helps out a very worthy cause... fighting cancer! Auction runs until Saturday at 8PM!

Here are the links to the eBay pages again:

Click here for the X-Men WOLVERINE and ROGUE card!

Click here for the Transformers SOUNDWAVE and BUZZSAW card!

Click here for the New Gods BIG BARDA card!

Click here for the Wannabez MAU card!

If you would like to see what other artists contributed, you can click HERE to go the main start of the auction listings.


Jenny Everywhere Chronicles page 5

Page 5 of Jenny Everywhere went up last Sunday. If you haven't seen it yet, check it out at

While Jenny's family enjoys dinner, something strange occurs with the orb upstairs.
Story, letters, and colors by Benj Christensen.
Artwork by me.