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Thursday, October 30, 2008

New Hackoween Interview!

The entire creative team behind HACKOWEEN is interviewed!


Thursday, October 16, 2008

Hackoween is live

Please visit THIS LINK to see HACKOWEEN, which is now live on

Now that it is live, all the promo images and countdown messages in prior posts have been removed.

Hope you enjoy the comic!


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Website updates!

I updated most of my website ( )! The pencils page is the last one I need to update, but plenty of new inks, news, press links, and more... have been added!


Monday, October 13, 2008

Hackoween DRAW-OFF contest!

Hi everyone!

Coming to this Wednesday is the exciting first part of our epic crossover with Tim Seeley's hit Hack/Slash! Written by Drew Edwards, Halloween Man's creator, the webcomic is a fun take-no-prisoners action, horror, and parody machine! And it's free to read!

Our cover for the crossover is a tribute to the classic Freddy vs Jason poster (with pencils by David Baldeón, inks by me, colors by Marc Lewis). You can see it here:

For the art contest, we'd like you to attempt to do something a bit similar. It's your challenge to make a cover featuring characters from Halloween Man and Hack/Slash, which is also a tribute to a classic horror movie poster (or video/dvd cover)!

The winner will receive a page of David Baldeón's original artwork, and second place will get a Halloween Man t-shirt, but all of the entrants will go into the special Hack/Slash tribute gallery at!

Send your entries to hmartwork (at) gmail (dot) com. The deadline is October 28th, and entries will go up on on October 31st - y'know, Halloween?

Sunday, October 12, 2008


It looks like I will be at the meeting of the Kentucky Star Wars Collectors Club Fall Festival on October 18th in Lexington, KY! My father, Kim Simmons, is the guest speaker (talking about his decades of package and catalog photography), and I will be doing his introduction, and also drawing sketches at our table. The OSWCC event went so well, that I have high hopes for this one as well.


Thursday, October 9, 2008

Interview Links!

Well, Mid-Ohio wasn't just productive in telling folks there about WANNABEZ and HACKOWEEN. I was also lucky to have the opportunity to talk with the media that were covering the event so people who didn't attend could hear about both projects. Comic Related did some great coverage of the show and a special shout-out to CR's own Chuck Moore for being one of the nicest persons in the industry!

Here are some links to interviews and press images!

Comic Related interview (at the 12 minute mark)
UVN interview (at the 5 minute mark)
FansView image
Comic Related Photos


Get Ready for HACKOWEEN!

HACKOWEEN: A project that I am truly proud to be a part of, has been officially announced!

Tim Seeley's fan-favorite HACK/SLASH (Devil's Due Productions) crosses over with our own Halloween Man starting October 15th, and you can see the story online at for free! The comic has beautiful pencils by David Baldeon, who was a joy to ink and embellish as always... and the entire team has put alot of blood sweat and tears into this project, that is funny and heroic, dark and twisted, sweet and terrifying! If you haven't checked out Halloween Man or Cassie Hack before, now's your chance to see them both.... together!

The official press release by the team is below!


Not a Secret Crisis! Not a Final Invasion! On October 15th, it's Cassie Hack versus Solomon Hitch in the brawl to end it all! Get ready for Hackoween! Tim Seeley's Spike TV Scream Award nominated Hack/Slash is teaming up with the cult favourite web comic Halloween Man for a special Halloween crossover!

See! Cassie and Vlad's rampage through Solar City!
Tremble! As alien sex gods rip the universe in half!
Buy! Into our shameless hyperbole!

And it's all for free! The only cost will be your immortal soul!

Brought to you by the following maniacs:

Drew Edwards (Writer)
David Baldeón (Penciler)
Scott D.M. Simmons (Inker)
Marc Lewis (Colorist)
Brian Crowley (Letterer and Art Director)
Russell Hillman (Editor)

In the meantime, why not get a head start on your fellow fanboys - hit your local comic book store and buy all of DDP's wonderful Hack/Slash collections, and then drop by for classic tales of Halloween Man.

Wannabez #0 premieres at Mid-Ohio

Well, Brant Fowler (Wannabez creator, writer and letterer) and I took on Mid-Ohio Con last weekend and had a great time meeting new people. We were selling brand-new copies of Wannabez #0, which features the original issue #0 story, along with pin-ups, articles, and a multi-page preview of issue #1! And the booth looked great, with the banner, character stand-ups, cards, portfolio, and racks of comics. We made alot of people aware of our book series and website, and were backed up by the appearance of our cat character, MAU, who was live and in person (portrayed by my good friend Jonna)! Mau entered a costume contest, and while walking the show, had pictures taken with celebrities, kids, and adults! I did some sketches, and Brant and I were even interviewed a couple of times! We also made some great retailer contacts.

Thanks to Brant, the whole booth team got Wannabez t-shirts that just rocked! Thanks to Jonna and Brant's brother Zach for their help at the show! Also there was the colorist for Hackoween, Marc Lewis, and together we helped put out some promotion for Hackoween, which debuts online at on October 15th!

Check out the Wannabez blog here for more pictures!